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“One Man, One Genius?”

Is that phrase us budding musos seek?  Mark Jones is certainly the first half of that statement, but crucially listeners are the truly needed judges in life for the latter descriptor – can one really deliver the vast variety and array of sonic colours, sweeping flows and heartbreaking moments that hold continued intense effect per track of a CD-length whole project?  In reality a team works best to see through the pinnacle of shared goals shimmering on the distant horizon for all: this is what DIY seeks.

The one-man-in-question since 2008 successfully composed multiple recognised new pieces and works for festivals, took to the stage in a huge spectrum of genres but also with the flow of the current creative sounds for differing outfits: during this wonderful year of Liverpool’s development and reflection, the release and support of his debut album DIY will take place and hopefully see light...with your skills to guide it on and make it really happen!

CAN I GET INVOLVED? Do you think you can help see this disc come into fruition?  Perhaps if you up for maybe joining in with the band, forming a supportive inclusive regional network call-out, organise or assist in production using recycled materials, be a sound engineer or even find the out the top venue to see through a worthy debut night, simply contact us on this site to find out more information and how you can offer your best skills.

DIY release is a not-for-profit production that is representative and inclusive of all applicants for volunteer participation roles/activity positions in music performance.

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